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Dear University students and staff!

Dear University students and staff!

13 March 2019

Your children under 18 within the guaranteed amount of free medical assistance can receive dental care (consultation, therapeutical and surgical care) in the dental clinic of the University.

For an appointment, you need a place of living – the Karaganda region, regardless of territorial attachment (polyclinic).

The dental care is carried out by children’s dentists and teaching staff of the Department:

1.Tuleutaeva S.T., Candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor, head of Department of Stomatology, the highest category (consultations).

2.Urazbekova A.T., a children's dentist, the highest category.

3.Kubzhesarova L.T., a children’s dentist, first category.

4.Zhakaeva R.S., a children’s dentist, first category.

5.Salkenova G.K., Assistant of Dentistry Department of the highest category.

6.Almuratova A.S.,Assistant of Dentistry Department.

7.AlmuratS.S., dentist surgeon.

We will be glad to see you at the following address:

Karaganda, Alalykina st., 14

Pre-registration by phone: +7 (7212) 500640 (ext. 1409)

+7 (7212) 425267, online appointment to the dental clinic on the homepage of the KMU’s website.

Құрметті университет қызметкерлері мен білім алушылары!



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