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Internal regulations in the dormitories of KMU


1.  Generalregulations

Paragraph 1.1 is amended in accordance with Amendment No. 1 from 30.06.2016

1.1.  These rules are developed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Property”, “On Education”, “On Housing Relations”, “On Public Services”, the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 3, 1993 №454 “On Approval of Rules for Use of Dormitories”, the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 11, 2015 №376 “On Approval of Regulations of State Services in the Field of Higher and Postgraduate Education”, the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 22, 2016 №66 “On Approval of Rules of Placement in the Dormitories of State Educational Institutions”, the Charter of the University, the Rules of labour (internal) order, sanitary-epidemiological, fire requirements and standards.

1.2.  These Regulations are available on the website of the University http://www.kgmu.kz/

1.3.  The Regulations define the organization and the delivery of accommodation in dormitories of Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management "Karaganda State Medical University" of Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1.4.  Regulations govern accommodation, the order KSMU dormitories check-in, as well as the internal Regulations in the dormitories of KSMU. 

1.5.  Accommodation services in the dormitories are provided by the University both on a reimbursable basis and free of charge. 

1.6.  KSMU dormitories accommodations are available for the students in the order prescribed by the organization of education, by the decision of the administration, subject to availability. 

1.7.  The dormitories are the Republican property, located in the economic management of the University and are at the expense of the university.

2.  Procedures of accommodation

2.1.  The procedure of accommodation in the dormitories of KSMU is defined by the Standards and Regulations of the state service "Providing accommodation in dormitory for higher education institution’s students". 

2.2.  Accommodation realizes on the basis of documents provided by the applicant:

1)  application for accommodation under the form F KSMU 15-2/1-03  to the present Regulations;

Paragraph 2.2 is supplemented by subparagraph 2, in accordance with Amendment No.1 from 30.06.2016

2)  certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property, according to the Standard of state service “Issuance of certificate of absence (presence) of immovable property”, approved by the Order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 28, 2015 No.246, registered in the Register of state registration of normative legal acts No.11408 (not having at a town (settlement) of organization location in the private ownership of housing units (apartment, house).

3)  a certificate of family composition, in the case of family  presence;

4)  death certificate of the parent (s) (for orphans), under the loss of a parent or parents;

5)  4 or more children family certificate of  (for children from large families);

6)  Identity card copy.

2.3.  The package of documents is accepted, registered and formed by the Department of document management of KSMU and further, within 4 (four) working days, is transferred to the Commission for approval.  The Commission will consider the documents within 1 (one) working day and then the documents will be transferred to the document management Department after decision taking where it will be registered and delivered to the applicant on hand.  

2.4.  The positive decision of the application processing is delivery of Assignment for accommodation in the dormitory under the form F KSMU 15-2/1-01 to the present Regulations and two copies of the tenancy Agreement under the form  F KSMU 15-2/1-04 to the given Regulations. The cost and period of accommodation is mentioned in the Assignment. In case of refusal an applicant will receive a written justification.

2.5.  The data related to application processing results delivery are recorded in the Book of  Registry of  beds in the dormitory of KSMU according to the form   F KSMU 15-2/1-02 to the given Regulations.

3.  Dormitory check-in and check-out

3.1.  KSMU dormitory check-in is based on the Assignment, tendency Agreement, and habitation payment receipt and delivery acceptance report of the room  (F KSMU 15-2-04).

3.2.  The Department of operational work in the face of the head of the dormitory is responsible for accommodation and has to check the person entitled to check-in  about his acquaintance with the Rules of labour (internal) order of KSMU, Internal Regulations in the dormitories of KSMU and then prepares room delivery acceptance report (F KSMU15-2-04) before check-in.

3.3.  The persons entitled to dwell in to the dormitory have to undergo safety training with safety engineer of the Department of operational work of KSMU.

3.4.  Passes to the right of the entrance to the dormitory are to be issued to persons living in the dormitory.

3.5.  At the request of the KSMU Administration check-in into the dormitory can be done when there is a certificate on pediculosis sheet and the passage of x-rays. The head of the dormitory makes registration of students in the record book "List of living persons in the dormitories of RSE KSMU" (F KSMU 15-2-03) and collection of documents for the dormitory  resident’s personal files.

3.6.  List of documents required for the dormitory  resident’s personal files formation:

-  assignment;

-  identity card (copy);

-  tendency agreement;

-  payment receipt (copy);

-  room delivery acceptance report.

3.7.  Check-in persons have to make registration (residence permit) at the place of residence for the period established by the law.

3.8.  Documents for registration of checked-in persons are made by the KSMU passport office on the basis of tenancy Agreement and other supporting documents and in the presence of students.

3.9.  The list of documents required for registration in the dormitories of KSMU:

-  tenancy agreement(original);

-  identification document (original, copy);

-  receipt of payment of state registration fee (original) in the amount 0.1 MCI;

-  EDS (if available);

-  address reference issued for the moment of registration;

-  agreement for registration (blank);

-  statistical card to the arrival (blank).

3.10.  Registration of students and trainees who have not attained the age of majority is to be made on a common basis, in the presence of a legal representative with supporting documents (original, copy). 

3.11.  Identity documents for citizens under 16 years old are: 

-  birth certificate with IIN mentioning;

-  passport of citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
















3.12.Identity documents of 16 years old citizens are:

-  identification card of the citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

-  passport of citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Identity documents of foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently residing at the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan are residence of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan or certificate of a stateless person.

3.13.  Check out from the dormitories is carried out in cases, when:

1) living persons systematically destroy or spoil the dormitory;

2) living persons used the dormitory for other purposes;

3) dormitory living persons make it impossible for others to live with them in the same room or in a dormitory by systematic violations of the regulations;

4) living persons evade payment for the use of housing more than a month without valid reasons;

6) a person was checked-in arbitrary;

7) terms of tenancy agreement are expired;

8) under the free will;

9) for violation of the Rules of labour (internal) order of KSMU, internal regulations of the dormitories of KSMU, tenancy agreement regulations, other regulations and requirements acting at the territory of KSMU;

10) by a decision of the University administration in the cases established by the legislation of Kazakhstan, given Regulations and tenancy Agreement.

3.14.  Checking out person has to vacate the premises within ten days.

3.15.  Removal from the register (extraction) is carried out on the basis of student’s application, filed through the Department of document management of KSMU, indicating the date of the eviction, or at the request of accommodation owner.

4. Code of conduct

4.1.  Properties for personal use, as well as common goods are to be given to living persons under the delivery acceptance report at the beginning of the academic year. At the end of the academic year, a resident hands over common goods under the delivery acceptance report.

4.2.  Unauthorized persons are allowed to the dormitories with the permission of the University administration.

4.3.  Entrance to the dormitory in the summer time (September, October, May, June, and July) after 23.00 o’clock PM is prohibited in the order to create normal conditions for study and rest. Entrance to the dormitory in winter period (November, December, January, February, March, April) is prohibited after 22.00 o’clock PM.  For the period of time from 22.00, 23.00 to 06.00 o’clock it is should be quiet in the dorms (do not use music equipment, sing, make noise, etc.). Emergency lighting is used only in the corridors and common areas.

4.4.  The procedure and permit regime in the dormitories is carried out by private security organization.

4.5.  Mode of electric cookers using is  established for the dormitories:

06.00 – 09.00 o’clock

12.00 - 22.00 o’clock

In weekends id from 10.00 till 22.00 o’clock

Mode of shower rooms using is established for the dormitories, it is from 6.00 to 7.00 o’clock, from 17.00 to 22.00 o’clock, on weekends: from 6.00 to 7.00 o’clock, from 12.00 to 22.00. If necessary, change the mode of shower rooms is to be coordinated with KSSG.

4.6.  In the case of acute illness temporary resettlement of residents to isolation room is carried out, call of doctor and note in the log of phone calls is carried out.

4.7.  In case of disagreement, living persons can be settled (if necessary) from one room to another, from one dormitory to another under the decision.

4.8.  Educational work is carried out in the dorms according to the plans of the Educational Council, Dean’s office, Youth Committee and the student self-government committee of the dormitories. Faculty and staff of the University when visiting a dormitory for educational work are registered in the KSMU staff visits Record book (F KSMU 15-2-07).

5.  Rights and obligations of the parties

The university administration is obliged:

5.1.  to equip everyday rooms in the dormitory, showers, isolators, according to the sanitary and other regulations and standards;

5.2.  staffed the dormitory with necessary furniture, bedding and other inventory;

5.3.  to ensure timely shift (at least once in 10 days), washing and disinfection of bedding;

5.4.  to provide the dormitory with operating personnel in the prescribed manner;

5.5.  to carry out overhaul and repair facilities in a timely manner;

5.6.  to ensure the provision of municipal services in accordance with the sanitary standards and regulations to residents;

5.7.  in the case of acute illness and lack of hospital to resettle patients living in the dormitory to isolators;

5.8.  to ensure compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements, fire safety and accident prevention;

5.9.  to carry out preventive maintenance of offenses at the territory of dormitories.

University administration has right:

5.10.  to demand compliance with the rules, regulations and requirements established in KSMU;

5.11.  to evict the resident from the dormitory on the grounds provided by these Regulations;

Living persons are obliged:

5.12.  strictly observe the Rules of labour (internal) order of  KSMU, internal regulations in dormitories of KSMU, safety, sanitary-epidemiological and fire requirements and rules, rules of registration of residence, taking into account the rules of military  registration;

5.13.  intended use of the dormitory;

5.14.  take care of the facilities, equipment and inventory of the dormitory;

5.15.   to observe cleanliness and order in residential and common areas, daily cleaning service in occupied living room and blocks;

5.16.  To economize the electricity and water; to turn off  the light, close the windows, doors and to deliver the key to the guard room when leaving the room of guard;

5.17.  make timely payments for accommodation and added services, according to the price list of paid services of KSMU;

5.18.  to be in charge on the floors and on the dormitory according to the schedule approved by CSSG;

5.19.   to make duty on the floors and the dormitory according to the schedule, approved by CSSG;

5.20.   To inform the head of the dormitory before two days prior to departure from the dormitory, as well as temporary removal of leaving persons to vacation or work practice;

Living persons have right:

5.21.  to use the premises, equipment and inventory of the dormitory for educational and cultural purpose;

5.22.   to demand timely repair or replacement of equipment, furniture, bedding and other equipment of dorm, as well as deficiencies in the domestic provision;

5.23.   to elected members to the Committee of student’s self- government of the dormitory and be elected to its structure;

5.24.  with the help of the dormitory  student’s self- government committee to participate in addressing the improvement of housing and welfare support, organization of educational work, and leisure equipment, and design of self-work premises and rooms  and etc.;

5.25.   living persons in the dormitory are obliged to inform the manager of the dormitory about any malfunctions and breakdowns to take measures for their early elimination;

It is prohibited for living persons:

5.26.   To move from one room to another under the free will;

5.27.   To shift inventory from one room to another under the free will;

5.28.   To present in the rooms of other students without permission of the living persons;

5.29.  To produce mess and fix of the wiring, laying of local networks, installation of satellites, telephones, etc.;

5.30.   To use electric heaters, kerosene lamps and etc... in the living room;

5.31.   To installed additional powered devices without permission of the administration;

5.32.   To switch on sound-equipment, to sing, to make noise after 23:00 o’clock PM;

5.33.   To wash and dry, clean clothes and shoes in the living room;

5.34.  To throw garbage and food waste out of the window, sinks and toilet bowls;

5.35.   To stick announcements, schedules, fine art to the walls of the living rooms, common areas, hard inventory, etc. without prior coordination with the monitor of block or CSSG of the dormitory;

5.36.  To disrupt public order, to appear in a state of intoxication, to drink and to keep alcoholic drinks, use and store narcotic and psychotropic substances without a medical indication, smoking in the rooms and on the territory of the dormitory.

6. Responsibilities of the parties, incentives and penalties

6.1.  Living persons in dormitories, performing internal rules and actively involved in organizing and conducting of educational work in dormitory, may be promoted:

-  gratitude;

-  diploma;

-  a souvenir or a valuable prize;

-  the right to save rooms for next year.

6.2.  A residents may be subject to disciplinary sanctions due to violation of these Regulations:

­  note;

­  involvement to socially useful work in the dorm;

­  resettlement;

­  check out from the dormitory.

6.3.  Living persons may be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Rules of labour (internal) order of KSMU, including resignation from the University for the violation of public order, appearance in drunk drinking alcohol, use of narcotic and psychotropic substances or failure to the other responsibilities of the student, provided by the legal, regulatory and local acts of the University.

6.4.  Promotions and penalties are submitted to the living persons by dean under the presentation by the Committee of student self-government or administration of the dormitory.

6.5.  Head of the dormitory is responsible for compliance with internal regulations, fire safety and accident prevention of all residents and service personnel.

6.6.  Department of technical maintenance and security systems informs the dean's office the names of students who are present in the dormitory at the study time.

6.7.  Head of the dormitory is obliged to inform the Director of the Department of operational work about an offense happening.

6.8.  Information related to the violence of the internal regulations of the dormitory is recorded in the KSMU staff visit record book (F KSMU15-2-07) by the head of the dormitory, members of administration, members of the student’s self-government committee, guards and curators who are on the watch.

6.9.  Commission consisting from the members of KSMU administration can be created to control and compliance with the rules of living persons in a dormitory, compliance with health and safety regulations and the given Regulations. The commission has the right to carry out inspections up to 02.00 o’clock.

6.10.  During a visit of deans and curators to the dormitory with the purpose of meeting with students upon detection of irregularities in the domestic provision of students, dean submits the information in writing form to the Rector of KSMU.