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The teaching method matters

The teaching method matters

14 March 2019

At the present stage of development, academic mobility is the most effective way to improve education to world standards and develop research work.

According to the program of academic mobility in the period from January 10 to March 10, 2019, the Central Kazakhstan Academy held lessons by the Head of the department of history of Kazakhstan and Social and Political Disciplines K.A.Temirgaliyev and the senior teacher of the department N.F.Loman on social and humanitarian disciplines.

During this period, lectures were given, practical lessons and students independent work with teacher (SIWT) were conducted in the disciplines of social and humanitarian blocks. During the practical lessons active teaching methods were used. The students showed high interest in conducting lessons using active teaching methods and noted that teaching in form of playing facilitates the process of mastering educational material and contributes to the formation of critical thinking.

At the end of the lessons, a «table round» was held at which the problems of teaching social and humanitarian disciplines were discussed. The participants expressed the opinion that there should be a dialogue between teaching staff from different universities.

The lessons were aimed at developing students' understanding of their own national code and national identity, spiritual modernization, independent critical thinking and the ability to put it into practice. On the assimilation of such key ideological concepts as justice, dignity and freedom, as well as the development and strengthening of the values ​​of tolerance and intercultural dialogue. Much attention was paid to the formation of the social and humanitarian outlook of students in the context of solving the problems of modernization of public consciousness.

During the academic mobility they took part in the work of the International Conference held on the basis of the Central Kazakhstan Academy on the problems of science and education.

All the experience gained during this period will be implemented in educational, methodical and scientific work.

Head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan and Social and Political Disciplines

K.A. Temirgaliyev,

assistant professor,

N.F. Loman



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