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The best group!

The best group!

15 March 2019

Representatives of the educational sector of the KSSU school of dentistry headed by Seisenbekova Marzhan organized the contest called "The best group".

It’s a kind of test of checking the students' knowledge, as well as their teamwork skills. 10 students of the 1 st and 2 nd years of the Kazakh branch participated in the competition; they were divided into two teams: Zhalyn (led by captain Tuleubay Aruzhan) and Servara Vitas (with captain Izteleuova Ainur).

The teams were judged by the jury: Deputy Dean for Academic Work, Science and Internationalization - Almuratova Aisaule Serikmuratzyzy and 5th year students of the School of Dentistry - Murat Dauit Zhomartuly and Zakaryanova Dinara Tlekovna.

In the first competition, the teams took turns choosing questions that were noted by degree of difficulty in the following disciplines: anatomy, histology, physiology, biophysics, molecular biology, which the guys tried to answer without prior preparation and discussion in the team. In the following contests, future dentists solved clinical problems of communication skills, talked about the human body systems: cardiovascular and digestive.

According to the results of the contest a friendship has won, because the teams scored the same number of points. Participants showed good knowledge. The jury marked the most active students: Baitursyn Rahat, Rasol Orazbay, Toleubai Aruzhan and Izteleuova Ainur.

In the intervals between tours, talented students: Bolat Kairat, Maidanov Nurken and Kuanyshuly Tamirlan welcomed the audience and participants with music and songs.

Deputy Dean of the School of Dentistry for Social Work Rakimgali Rymgul Zhanbolatkyzy.



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