Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
Do not miss the future - it has already come: the current trends of the worldeconomy
20 March 2018
On March 13 and March 19, 2018, on the basis of KSMU there were conducted lectures on the topic: "Do not miss the future - it has already come: the current trends of the world economy", "Medicine in the future economy".
Round table meeting dedicated to the Day of Legal Literacy
20 March 2018
On March 14 at the initiative of the participants of the Student Support Service of KSMU a meeting on legal literacy was organized in order to improve the level of legal knowledge of students. Issues wish related to the rules of regulations at the University; responsibility for violation of moral and ethical standards were considered.
The holiday of spring and the renewal of nature “Nauryz”
20 March 2018
On March 19, 2018, the Department of Therapeutic Disciplines celebrated the holiday of spring and the renewal of nature “Nauryz Meyramy”. The event was attended by 5th year students, interns of obstetrician-gynecologists, intern therapists and interns of GMP 6th course. The stage was decorated in a bright and colorful, national style.
Prevention of tuberculosis
20 March 2018
The month of tuberculosis prevention dedicated to the "World TB Day" ends in the Karaganda region. The Youth Affairs Department together with the Department of Phthisiology conducted a series of events dedicated to the republican month.
Academic mobilityto the Tajik State Medical University
19 March 2018
In the period from 02.26.2018 till 09.03.2018 Saule Rahimzhanovna Zhakenova was sent to the Abuali ibn Sino Tajik State Medical University as part of the program "Academic mobility".
Welcome, Nauryz!
19 March 2018
On the Russian Language Department, the arrival of the spring holiday was greeted with a concert “Nauryz Keldi”. First-year students of the department presented a program dedicated to the holiday of renewal and revival. The rite of shashu, accompanied by the song "Nauryz koktem" performed by Nazerke Abylaeva (PH 1-001), was a lively opening of the concert.
Meeting with General Secretory of ENSP (Europen Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention) Mr. Cornel Radu-Loghin
19 March 2018
On March 19, the official meeting of Karaganda State Medicla University Rectorate andGeneral Secretory of ENSP (European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention) Cornel Radu-Loghin was organised on the base of Karaganda State Medicla University. During the meeting several topics were discussed with Mr. Cornel Radu-Loghin such as potential cooperation in research, writing proposal in Tabacco Prevention and potential joining of KSMU to the European Association against smoking - ENSP (European
Education of residents of the specialty "Obstetrics and gynecology, including children’s" in the CF "University Medical Center" within the academic mobility program.
19 March 2018
Within the framework of the program of academic mobility, 10 resident-physicians in the specialty "Obstetrics and Gynecology, including Children's" A.A.Tokbergenova, G.Zh.Utasheva, L.K.Bainiyazova, V.I.Nefedova, A.D.Chernaya, M.B.Sharipova, I.M.Zhylkibaeva, A.A.Iskendir, K.K.Shortanbaeva, A.E.Temirbayeva visited the corporate fund’s branch "University Medical Center" of the “National Science Center of Motherhood and Childhood” in Astana
16 March 2018
Graduates of 5 courses of the specialties "General Medicine", "Dentistry", "Public Health", "Pharmacy", "Technology of Pharmaceutical Production", 4 courses of the specialties "Nursing",…
Dear students of KSMU!
16 March 2018
International Cooperation Department informs about the opening of a contest for participation in the International Student Mobility Scholarship at the University of Central Arkansas, USA.…
Dear collegs!
16 March 2018
In connection with the postponement of the Republican contest "The Best Graduate", the Department of Clinical Work and Employment of Graduates informs you about the postponement of the…
15 March 2018
Lectures of the 4-001 group of the General Medicine and Dentistry Faculty will begin on 19.03.18., at 08.30. at ROGC (Maykuduk, 53 Shorsa st.) The teacher is assistant Zh.O.…
14 March 2018
The Department of Medical Psychology and Communication Skills of Karaganda State Medical University conducts a musical performance "Весенний вернисаж" dedicated to the celebration of…