Karaganda State Medical University
Medicine and Ecology
Season is over
26 May 2017
On 21 May, the final game of the XII Championship of KSMU on football closed the university sports season 2016 / 17.
Internal academic mobility of the Department of Foreign Languages
25 May 2017
From 27.03.17 to 13.05.17, the head of the Department of Foreign Languages, c.p.s. V.A. Burmistrova conducted 90 academic hours of practical training in the discipline "Introduction to the Theory of Intercultural Communication" for the third-year students studying at “Bolashak” Academy with the specialization "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages".
Interdisciplinary olympiad in anatomy and histology
25 May 2017
On 20 May 2017at Departments of Anatomy and Histology was held an interdisciplinary olympiad in anatomy and histology. Student olympiads are one of the means to enhance the creative potential of the future specialist, develop research, organizational and educational activities, promote scientific knowledge among the students already in the first courses of training in higher educational institutions.
Interdisciplinary lesson as innovative method of teaching
25 May 2017
At present, the use of innovative teaching technologies in modern education is associated with the search for ways to transform the traditional education into a more productive one, based on the organization of both independent and collective creative and research activity of students. One of such innovative methods of teaching is an interdisciplinary lesson.
Children are the flowers of life
25 May 2017
On the eve of the Children's Day, Student Self-Government Committee of Internship Faculty and 7-year interns visited “Botakoz” Orphanage with a“Give kids a smile” concert program.
How to convince interlocutor without using physical strength
24 May 2017
On 12.05.17, Ministry for Prevention of Religious Extremism of “Samruk” Student Republic jointly with Youth Work Department of KSMU conducted atraining on the topic “How to convince interlocutor without using physical strength”.
Extremism as a form of social deviation
24 May 2017
Ministry for Prevention of Religious Extremism of “Samruk” Student Republic held a contest of presentations on the topic “Extremism as a form of social deviation”, aimed at raising the level of students' awareness in the religious sphere and informing them about such a problem of the modern world as extremism.
Symbols of Independence
23 May 2017
On 11 May, the Youth Work Department together with “Zhuldyz” Youth Health Center held a meeting on the topic “Symbols of Independence”.
26 May 2017
On June 1, 2017 at 1:40pm Department of Kazakh Language and Department of Elementary Psychology and Communication Skills will be holding an interdisciplinary conference on the courses of…
25 May 2017
The Department of Foreign Languages invites all those who wish to attend the classes on a free basis within the framework of "Speaking English" summer thematic school for the purpose of…
Dear 3 year - students of "General medicine" specialty!
22 May 2017
There is a contest for an internship in Ryazan State Medical University (Russia). Available places: 10. Period: from June 22 to July 5. Requirements: · GPA more than 2.95; · Lack…
Dear 3-year students of “General Medicine” specialty of KSMU!
18 May 2017
A contest for participation in the external academic mobility program at Vilnius University (Lithuania, Vilnius city) for training during the spring semester of 2017-2018 academic year is…
18 May 2017
Within the framework of the development of business education in KSMU, from 20 May to 21 May (from 10 am to 6 pm) in 362 lecture room will be conducted the training “Business Education”…