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Социальный проект «Серпін»- «Мәңгілік ел жастары – индустрияға!»

Социальный проект «Серпін»- «Мәңгілік ел жастары – индустрияға!»

29 December 2018

On December 10, 2018, in order to monitor the material, technical, educational, social and living conditions in the dormitories participating in the “Серпін” social project, a meeting between the 3rd year students of the General Medicine and Dentistry specialties with Sagieva Aigul Khasenovna – thr project coordinator and the head of the department of academic mobility national projects of Bologna Process Center and academic mobility of MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held.

The Dean of the School of Medicine M.M. Zhanasova assisted in monitoring and organizing the meeting with students participating in the “Серпін” project.

During the meeting, various questions were discussed, and interesting questions were asked.

In our university, the total number of students according to the “Серпін” social project is 40 people, the 36 are provided with dormitory rooms.

After the meeting, Aigul Khasenovna visited the student dormitory to familiarize with the social conditions of students.

M.M.Zhanasova - Dean of the School ofMedicine



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