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The opening of the Institute of Health Big Data

The opening of the Institute of Health Big Data

14 January 2019

The Institute of Health Big Data has opened in Karaganda State Medical University on January 9, 2019. 

KSMU and Karaganda regional branch of the Republican Center for Electronic Health MH RK signed a memorandum of cooperation on the establishment of the Institute Health Big Data - the first research center in Kazakhstan, which will conduct health research using big data. 

The activities of the Institute Health Big Data will be aimed to maximise the productive use of all possible sources of health big data in order to enhance the health and well-being of Kazakh population.

The mission of the Institute is to generate knowledge and experience in the field of analytics of big data obtained during fundamental, interdisciplinary and joint research, advanced training and cooperation with practical public health.

The Institute is planned to develop into an international center of excellence in research Big Data in the coming years.

Creating a research platform where scientists will work on relevant health issues will not only improve the health care system, but also prepare the next generation of researchers and practitioners in this large area of expertise.



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