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The Day of the Republic of India

The Day of the Republic of India

31 January 2019

On January 26th in India the Republic Day is celebrated. In honor of their national holiday, students from India studying at the Russian language department prepared a festive event.

In the beginning the anthem of India was played. This was the symbolic beginning of a trip to the wonderful world of the homeland of our foreign students. The audience became participants in the quiz and master classes. The hosts - students of the GM 4-012a group Deepak Sharma, Rajesh Kumar - asked the audience questions about the history and modern life of India. Shweta Singh and Samir Singh (GM 1-002a group) performed Indian dances. Students of GM 1-001a group Vias Kruti, Kale Aditi Rajesh, Rani Lavi continued the “dance theme”, revealing the story of three friends in the dance.

Students of GM 4-013a group Choudhari Vinid Kumar, Sharma Pradeep, Ranavat Raghvendra Singh performed a folk Indian song.

Abhisheka Goyal emphasized the friendship of the Kazakh and Indian people with his performance, having read the “Отантуралы” poem. The concert ended with the “Жан досым” song performed by Akash Sharma, a student of GM 1-011a group. He was supported by the whole audience. This friendly choir of the audience and participants became the symbolic end of the event, the participants of which plunged into the wonderful world of India.



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